Friday, July 18, 2008

5 Reasons Why You Need to Register Your Own Domain!

Plaza Singapura is a major shopping centre in ...Image via WikipediaTalk to any true-blue Singaporean and he or she will have a view about property! Whilst the amount of physical property in Singapore is limited, there is another property market that is virtually unlimited.

That market is the domain name property market!

Here's Panzer's take why you should register your own domain for yourself or your business.

1. Building an Online Identity
Just as there are desirable physical addresses in Singapore such as Orchard Road and districts 9, 10 and 11, there are also valuable online domain names. Did you know that was sold for a reputed figure of $3.6 million dollars!

2. Chope (Reserve) Your Own Name Online
Illegal squatters can be found both offline in the real world and online in the virtual world. Your or .sg could be "choped" or reserved by the squatter who may sit on it and ask for a large sum of money in order for him to hand it over to you.

3. It's Cool to yourself
I remember the time during the era in the early 2000 where to have an "@" and .com behind everything was so cool and showed that you were in the technologically advanced group that were into what was hip and happening in infocomm. Fast forward to 2008, whilst the bubble did burst, survivors such as Amazon do even better and out of the ashes rose yahoo, Google and Apple continue to survive in the digital age.

4. It costs a few dollars a month do register a domain name
Domain name registration is getting so cost effective that really there is no compelling reason NOT to have one even if you are running a bricks and mortar business.

5. Reach out to new customers and markets
Increasingly, our present generation Y or even Z are so net-savvy that their personal lives are lived online via instant messenging, emails, online television and entertainment. Get in touch with your new customers or even reconnect using social networks with your existing customers through web presence of your domain name online.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your .com, .net, .org, .sg, online now!
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